A Ketogenic Lifestyle

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A Ketogenic Lifestyle

As part of practising what we preach, Dr. Alex, co-founder of the clinic, has switched to a ketogenic diet in order to be able to give far more authentic support for people who may be considering going down this route. What is a “Keto” diet? Technically speaking, it’s any situation whereby the body produces ketone bodies, which is usually in response to starvation or uncontrolled diabetes. Sound bizarre? Well, it’s not as far-out as you might think. A huge number of people are beginning to recognise the potential health benefits, which to date include reducing your risk of dementia, reducing the recurrence of cancer, treating epilepsy in children, improving glycaemic control (whether you’re diabetic or not), and the famous one is serious weight loss.

Depriving the body of carbohydrate is the mainstay of this diet. To what extent you do this will depend on your personal objectives and your personal physiology. For highly active and sporty people, carbs are a vital source of fuel to enable you to keep active. But for those unable to exercise due to their job, or simply through bad habits, cutting out the carbs can be a really good move. It’s still possible to eat a really healthy and varied diet, even a vegetarian one, and of course, we can monitor all your blood results to ensure you don’t do yourself any harm.

Recipes and ideas will go onto our Instagram and Facebook pages, so keep a look out!