Private Blood Tests

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Private Blood Tests courtesy of The Doctor’s Laboratory (TDL)

We are delighted to launch our blood test service to the clinic. Have you considered getting some blood tests done?  Screening can give peace of mind as well as spot trends that might not have been identified otherwise e.g. worsening kidney function or early anaemia. It’s common practice around the rest of the developed world but here in the UK, we don’t have the culture or infrastructure to do this. Did you know you can live healthily and without symptoms up until your kidney function is below 25%? But once below that point, there’s often little that can be done.

We have blood tests to check your drinking habits are not causing harm (including the latest Enhanced Liver Fibrosis, or ELF test), and we can profile your hormones, your bones, your cardiovascular risk as well as lots, lots more. We have pre-travel checks to asses your risk of DVT, menopause screens, sexual and reproductive health tests, and all our samples are spun on site and couriered to our labs in Manchester and London. Results are normally back in 1-2 days for most tests, and you’ll have access to your results online. Our prices are highly competitive and can be seen here [price list].