Meet Stephanie, our Sports Therapist

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A brief interview with Stephanie, our sports therapist.

“Tell us a bit about yourself!”

“My name is Stephanie Barron and I live in the Ribble Valley quite near to the Clinic. I graduated in Sports Therapy in 2016 then completed a Master’s degree in Sports Medicine in 2017, both at UCLAN in Preston. I’ve always had a keen interest in sports and healthcare, and it just made sense to combine the two.

However I was starting to get a bit frustrated at the limits of what I could offer people, which led to the natural progression of wanting to become a doctor. I’ve just finished my first year of studying medicine.”

“Wow. You sound like a busy person! What happens when you’re not working or studying?”

“Well I grew up in Scotland and have family there, so when I have a chance I love to go up and help with the family business”

What’s the family business?

“Making Gin! It’s called Mackintosh Gin, a small-batch gin which goes really well with mediterranean tonic and a slice of orange”

“Can you give us an example of what sort of people you treat?”

“I first started treating Patient X back in 2017 for back pain. Patient X spends a lot of time in a hunched position for work and, like a lot of people, finds achieving balance between work, life, study and family a challenge. This can lead to a build up in tension and when it’s all getting a bit too much, Patient X books in to see me”.

“What does sports massage entail?”

“Many people think that sports therapists just deal with sports injuries and can only offer sports massage. Massage is definitely the mainstay of my treatment plans, however it’s used in conjunction with many other techniques (e.g. manipulation, functional/support taping, devising exercise programmes etc) to give my patients the best outcome possible. I’m sure a wide variety of people could benefit from the assessment and treatments sports therapy has to offer if only they knew!”.

“What’s the most rewarding part of your job?”

The most rewarding part of my job is seeing people improve and hearing how they’re getting on after treatment. I get a lot of positive feedback from my patients, and most of them return for maintenance sessions and become long term clients”.


Thanks very much to Stephanie Barron. If you are interested in discussing or booking a massage, please get in touch