Our Philosophy

Our focus at Bowland Health Medical Lifestyle Clinic is to help you maintain and improve your health, rather than treat problems when it’s often too late. The medical lifestyle clinic is run by experienced doctors who are happy to discuss any specific issues you may have, but equally would be happy to give your lifestyle a ‘health and wellbeing MOT’.

Our Team

Bowland Health was founded by husband and wife team Dr Alex and Dr Amy Bonner. Alex is a Consultant Anaesthetist and Amy is a GP. Both have 15 years experience working in the NHS and private sectors and live in the local area known as the Forest of Bowland.

They are supported by Stephanie Barron.

Dr Amy Bonner


Co-founder of Bowland Health, Dr Amy Bonner completed her speciality training in General Practice in 2010. She has worked as a GP in a variety of settings and amassed experience treating a wide array of health problems. Amy brings a diverse life experience to influence her practice, from extensive travel, working as a volunteer in the developing world and also through being a mum!

She has a keen interest in remaining up to date in her practice and learning about new approaches to tackling health problems. Amy is excited to be undertaking training in lifestyle medicine, currently emerging as a new medical specialty in its own right. This discipline draws together evidence about the ways in which our lifestyle can influence disease, not only reducing the risks of certain illnesses but also treating or reversing disease through the use of lifestyle interventions. She hopes to pass on her passion and enthusiasm for well-being and healthy longevity to her patients.


Dr Alex Bonner


Alex is a medically qualified doctor, and was appointed as a consultant anaesthetist to Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust in 2015. He practices anaesthesia in the NHS and private sector.  Alex is the lead for Support & Wellbeing for over 60 consultant anaesthetists, where he is responsible for improving the working experience for colleagues as well as supporting those in difficulty. Consequently he has broad experience of therapies which can be of genuine value in improving an individual’s health and wellbeing above and beyond traditional medical training

Alex runs a cardiopulmonary exercise testing clinic in the NHS where he uses the latest technology to determine an individual’s fitness (including VO2 max) as well as assess heart, lung and whole-body physiology in a non-invasive way. Alex brings this expertise to the clinic and can help you develop your fitness in a structured, objective way, whether you are currently a couch potato or elite athlete!

Alex is also our lead aesthetic doctor and received his training with Dermamedical, who are accredited by the British College of Aesthetic Medicine and approved by the General Medical Council.